Tips to Fix Overheating Issue on Samsung S23Ultra, S23(Plus)

Samsung S23 overheating unusually? Well, often, it happens with new phones, and believe me, you’re not the only one dealing with Samsung’s overheating issue. Multiple factors result in sudden heating issues while on charge or using the phone. Certainly, when overheating is caused because of a particular app, a pop-up alert will notify you that the particular app will be closed because it is causing overheating; you may use it later. After 10 seconds of this alert, that app will be closed automatically, and you cannot use it until the device cools off.

Nevertheless, no matter what the problem is, let’s focus on fixing the overheating issue on Samsung S23 Ultra, S23, and S23 Plus. Here we’ll show you the most practical ways to effortlessly prevent overheating issues on Samsung.

Why Samsung S23, S23 Ultra, S23 Plus Keeps Overheating?

Here are a few possibilities and reasons from my experience on Samsung S23 getting hot frequently,

  • Continuously playing heavy games, streaming movies, or using apps.
  • Using incompatible accessories and charger
  • Multiple apps running in the background

Quick Tips

  • Use Dark Mode: Dark Mode is one of the most embraced features that we’ve got recently. Enabling the Dark Mode will help you save Battery, Overheating and will definitely save your eyes.
  • Low Down Screen Timeout: By default, the device comes with 30 seconds screen timeout, meaning the screen will stay on for 30 seconds of inactivity. Lowering the screen timeout will help you control overheating issues.  
  • Reduce Screen Resolution: Samsung allows us to change the screen refresh rate and screen resolution on premium high-end devices. High the refresh rate and screen resolution, the more the screen responds. But at the same time, it will overheat the screen and consume the battery like anything. Keep the screen resolution and refresh rate lower when you’re not playing games or don’t need it at all. Open Settings app > Display > Screen resolution > select HD+ (1544 x 720). Go back to Display and select Motion smoothness and select the Standard option, which will keep the refresh rate to 60Hz.  
  • Enable Power Saving Mode: Use this option to minimize the background and unwanted programs running in the background.
  • Reduce Screen Brightness or Use Adaptive Brightness: Avoid using phones under direct sunlight, and alongside keep the brightness lower. An alternate way to control this is to enable the Adaptive Brightness, open Settings > Display > enable Adaptive brightness.
  • Avoid Always On Display: Open Settings > Lock screen > Disable Always On Display.

Remove Accessories

Do you love to decorate the phone with the best cases and accessories? Well, this keeps the phone looking better and rich, but could be troublesome in different ways, like overheating issues on Samsung S23 Ultra, S23, S23 Plus, facing difficulties while connecting chargers, etc.

Even though, if you don’t have fancy accessories, try removing the cases for a few hours to regularize the heat dissipation fast.

Let the Phone Cool Off

Continuously playing games, scrolling Instagram, or streaming Videos will definitely heat up the phone like anything, and this goes even high when you’re doing all these activities while the phone is connected to the charger. At best, leave the device alone for a while, let it cool off,

You can check the Battery Statistics and get the data of the most used apps; the same data will help you identify on what app you’re spending time on, and is it even necessary?

  • Open Settings app > Battery and device care > Battery > Tap on Battery Graph and there you go.

Using a Compatible Charger?

Samsung S23, S23 Plus, and Samsung S23 Ultra overheating while charging? If you’re long-term person and don’t believe in frequently changing phones, maintaining battery health should be essentially your first and foremost priority.

Always use a compatible charger because when you use an incompatible charger, it directly affects the battery performance. Furthermore, while putting the device on charge, remove the case.

Check for Software and App Updates

Outdated software leads to overheating issues on Samsung, and that’s not new. Both, the apps and software should be up to date.

  • Go to the Settings app > Software updates > Check for updates to update the phone.
  • To update the apps, go to the Google Play and Update all the apps.

Enable Safe Mode

Safe mode is one of the quickest ways to diagnose whether the problem is with third-party applications or programs. Because when you enable Safe mode on Samsung, it disables all third-party applications and only keeps the first-party apps accessible. 

  1. Press and hold the Power button until the Power Off menu appears.
  2. Touch and hold the Power Off option and select Safe Mode.
  3. To exit the Safe Mode, restart the device.

If you find the phone is not overheating in Safe mode, start uninstalling the recently installed applications.

Disable Multi-Window

Multi-tasking capabilities of the Samsung S23, S23 Plus, and S23 Ultra are way more convenient than anything. It requires a double processor to operate, whether you’re doing picture-in-picture or using multiple windows.

Sometimes, in such cases, the system will automatically close the Multi Window with an alerting prompt, Your phone is too hot. Let it cool down before using Multi Window again.

In addition, close all the background running applications low release the processor load.

Put unused Apps to Sleep

Thankfully, in Samsung, you can check what app uses how much battery. Using the same data, you can easily find the apps that eat the battery most and delete them. Simultaneously, by default, Samsung will show you the list of apps that you don’t use frequently and that apps can be put to sleep. At least you’ll save some juice.

  1. Go to the Settings app.
  2. Select Battery and device care.
  3. Select Battery > Background usage limits.
  4. Turn On Put unused apps to sleep.
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