Samsung Galaxy M Series | Samsung M10 | Samsung M20 2022

Samsung galaxy m series

Once again Samsung is going to hit the market with two most awaited smartphone, Samsung Galaxy M10, Samsung Galaxy M20 and Samsung Galaxy M30. Finally, Samsung Galaxy M Series will be available in India, probably it is going launched on Amazon on 28th Jan 2019.

The Samsung Galaxy M series designed with infinity V-display, yet we haven’t seen any device with infinity V-display, Samsung Galaxy M series would likely to win the hearts of its fans. Apparently, there are three devices under M series, M10, M20, and M30. You might be wondering why these names are given to M series. Let me tell you, the M series is named like this because of rear camera’s. M10 has one rear camera, M20 has two and M30 has three rear-facing cameras. With its ultra-wide camera lens, you can capture extreme moments of your life. The Samsung Galaxy M series says that I’m zippy, it might be possible that it has more powerful processor than snapdragon to support any high graphic game.

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Price and Key Specifications:

According to rumors, the Samsung Galaxy M series could come with long-lasting 5000mAh battery capacity which is a notable factor for the layman. Apart from this, you may get two storage variant for Samsung Galaxy M series, 32GB, and 64GB.  The most important factor that controls the demand of smartphone is its price, less the price more people can buy. So keeping the price factor in mind, the Samsung India’s Senior Vice President said the Samsung Galaxy M series will cost people between $140 to $280.

In India, you can get complete details of Samsung Galaxy M series including specifications and other functionalities exclusively on Amazon. We have also heard that Samsung Galaxy M series will not be available on local stores for now. So if you are thinking to buy a new smartphone at an affordable rate, then Samsung Galaxy M series is a considerable option for you.

Hopefully, you have to get all the information regarding Samsung Galaxy M series. If you have any doubt, then ask us in the comment section. We will reach you as soon as possible.

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