Samsung Galaxy S10 stuck on Android 10 Software Update

Samsung S10 stuck on Android 10 update
Samsung S10 stuck on Android 10 update

Are you having an issue with Samsung Galaxy S10 that not grant the latest Android 10 update to carry out? This post will help you to fix it. If you are going through an issue as S10 stuck on software update it may be due to app, software glitch, or hardware problem.

If your Samsung Galaxy S10 won’t install Android 10 update there could be much reason behind it. In this post, I will present you with a workaround to fix the Android 10 update issue on Samsung S10. So continue to read the post.

Fix Samsung S10 Stuck on Android 10 Software Update

Trick 1: Force restart the device

There are multiple petty glitches that are consigned by normally restarting your S10. Firstly perform a restart as your initial workaround step. If you don’t know how to do it follow the given below steps.

How to force restart Samsung Galaxy S10?

  • Hold the Volume Low + Power Buttons for 10-15 seconds.
  • Doing so will feature Maintenance Boot Mode screen. Select Normal Boot from Maintenance Boot Mode.
  • By using Volume Keys you can scroll the option and Bottom Left Key to select.
  • Wait until the device finishes the restart.

Verify the Android 10 issue, if it is not fixed move further to the next steps.

Trick 2: Clear Cache Partition

Usually, the confusion on the users occurs that what is cache? The cache is a file that is used to load the app quickly.

This method is normally performed when the performance of the device becomes slow or if un-addressable lag or issue after update. If this cache gets depraved then there is a high chance that your device may experience an issue. So to verify that your Samsung Galaxy S10 has an accurate system cache, assure you to refresh it every month. If you don’t know how to perform it. Follow the given below steps.

How to Clear Cache Partition on Samsung Galaxy S10?

  • Switch off the Samsung S10.
  • Hold the Volume High + Bixby Buttons, simultaneously press the Power Button.
  • The green symbol of Android will be highlighted, at that time let out all the Buttons.
  • Hold the Volume Low Button multiple time to feature ‘Wipe Cache Partition’.
  • Use the Power key to select the options.
  • Hold the Volume Low Button to feature “YES” is appeared
  • Now select “Reboot System Now” after the completion of wipe cache partition.
  • Use the Power Button to restart S10.

Trick 3: Reset Network Settings

Samsung S10 may fizzle to install Android 10 updates due to network restraint or glitch. For example, if there are settings that are fixed by you to prevent downloads of big files, this may also safeguard your phone from downloading authorized system update. To make the device to default settings you need to perform reset network settings.

How to Reset Network Settings on Samsung Galaxy S10?

  • From the Main Screen, scroll up on the blank spot to access App Tray.
  • Hit General Management.
  • Touch Reset.
  • Select Reset Settings.
  • Enter it, if you have arranged PIN.
  • Hit Reset Settings.

Trick 4: Install updates on Safe Mode

If your S10 still doesn’t run accurately, at this point you need to check the third-party app. Sometimes the poorly coded app may create the issue in the device. if you addressed the issue after downloading the third-party app, try to delete that particular app. if still the issue is not fixed run the S10 in safe mode.

How to run S10 in Safe Mode?

  • Switch off the device.
  • Hold the Power Button until the model name is passed away.
  • When “SAMSUNG” is featured, let out the Power Button.
  • Simultaneously hold the Volume Low Button.
  • Carry on to press the Volume Low Button until S10 completes restarting.
  • Now Safe Mode will appear on the left bottom corner.
  • Let out the Volume Low button when your eye catches the Safe mode on screen.
  • Charge the phone for 25-30 seconds and verify the problem.

In safe mode, the pre-installed app is only allowed to access. All the third-party app in safe mode will be neglected. If your S10 can install the Android update 10 update accurately in safe mode then the issue is with a third-party app. try to un-install third-party app individually and verify the issue.

Trick 5: Factory Reset

At some point, a software glitch may avert the installation of system updates. If your S10 won’t download the update you need to factory reset your device.

Note: Back-up all the important data stored in the device because performing the factory reset clear all the data stored in the device.

  • From Main Screen, scroll up to access App Tray.
  • Touch Settings.
  • Tap Accounts And Backup.
  • Hit Backup And Restore.
  • Tap the desired setting:
  • Backup My Data.
  • Automatic Restore
  • Touch the Back Button and navigate to main Settings Menu.
  • Hit General Management.
  • Go to Reset.
  • Select Factory Data Reset.
  • Scroll down and hit the RESET.
  • If you have accessed the screen lock, enter your references.
  • It will ask to verify your Samsung account, write the password.
  • Hit CONFIRM.
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