Samsung Galaxy Note 10 won’t Send Text Messages

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Wont send Text Messages
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Wont send Text Messages

The text message is one of the most common features of the smartphone and dynamic devices like Samsung Galaxy Note 10 should be capable to perform this task easily. However, after a while, your phone may encounter some problems in sending a message. It sounds like many owners of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 are presently been reporting about not being able to send a text message to their contacts. Such problems aren’t indeed new as there where those who are complaining about the same problem shortly after purchasing the device. Although we cannot say the problem is temporary but it not that serious because you can continue using your device.

So, in this article, I will present to you some troubleshooting tricks to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 10 won’t send a text message. If you are a user of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and going through the same issue, continue reading the post as it may help you to fix Samsung Note 10 failed to send a message.

What to do if Samsung Galaxy Note 10 can’t Send Text Messages?

Trick 1: Turn Off/On the Phone 

If it is the first time you are going through this problem, then it might be just a minor bug in either messaging app or firmware. This bug can be fixed by normal turn Off/On the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

How to Turn Off/ON the Samsung Galaxy Note 10? 

  • Press and hold the Power Key and Volume Down Key, until the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 vibrates.
  • Hit Power Off and confirm.
  • Then turn on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

After doing so, try to send a text message to your device so you can know if the issue is fixed or not. If still Note 10 not sending the SMS, go further to the next procedure.

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Trick 2: Update your Phone

Updating your device may fix the minor issue like this. Running the latest device like Note 10 without updating to latest firmware could mislead the functionalities, therefore you should always keep your device updated.

How to Update Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

  • Pull down the Notification Pane from the Main Screen.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Hit About Phone.
  • Go to Software Updates.
  • Select Check for Updates.
  • If your phone highlights a new software update, Touch Download Now.
  • After the completion of the downloading process device will feature that new version of the software is ready to install.
  • Hit Install Now.
  • Touch Ok.

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Trick 3: Make sure the Contact Number is correct

The message center number is the main body that performs the SMS handling process within the network. When you forward a text message, initially if goes to message center number. Then the center will forward the message to the desired destination.

  • Go to App Tray.
  • Select Messaging.
  • Go to 3-dot More options.
  • Select Settings.
  • Swipe and tap Message.
  • Hit Storage.
  • Touch Clear Data.
  • Restart your Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

If still Note 10 not sending SMS, move further to the next procedure.

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Trick 4: Reset Message App

Resetting Message app may fix the issue, but proceeding to this procedure you need to copy all important messages. Because performing this task may lose your important message. After doing so, follow the given below steps.

How can I reset the messaging app on Samsung Galaxy Note 10?

  • From the Main Screen, Scroll up on blank space to access Apps Tray.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Apps.
  • To feature the default app, Hit Menu.
  • Touch Show System App.
  • Search and hit Messages.
  • Select Storages.
  • Hit Clear Cache.
  • TouchClear Data.
  • Tap Delete.

I hope these tricks are helpful to you to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 10 not able to send a message.

Trick 5: Contact Carrier

It seems like, every above trick is worthless for you to fix Galaxy Note 10 not sending text messages. Why not contact your carrier and ask them about your current plan, if the plan isn’t active then, get one and then try to send text messages.

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