How to select Channel Packs in Airtel, Dish TV and Tata Sky

As per the new rule of TRAI, w.e.f 1 Feb 2019 the customers have to make selections of minimum 100 channels before 1 February 2019. Besides different cable operators and DTH operators such as Tata Sky, Dish TV, and Airtel they have put the long list of pricing of individual channels, so there your doubt will be clear that how much you are paying for a particular channel or particular package.

Keep note that it is mandatory to select a minimum of 100 channels. Most of the people are asking how much net amount they have to pay if they select a minimum of 100 channels. Let me clear this, a fix Network Capacity Fee(NCF) you have to pay which is Rs 130/mo excluding GST, which means additionally you have to pay 18% GST. That was all about the base price that you have to pay and thereafter comes a selection of channels, once you will select the channels or package, the final amount will be different.

Let’s see how to select Channel Packs in Tata Sky, Airtel and Dish TV

To choose the Channel Packs in any of the above operators, you will need to download or visit the official website of that company. Login with your registered mobile number to move further. Now, keep note that you will get 25 channels by DD which are free of cost and there is no option available to remove that DD channels. Don’t worry you don’t need to pay any extra money for DD channels. It might be possible that the selection count begins from 25, as by default DD channels are added in your pack.

The operator might suggest or recommend their packs but if you are not satisfied with the channel included in recommended packs then simply customize your monthly channel pack as per your requirements. You can even search the particular channel to add to your customize pack and kindly check price every time when you select any channel or pack. If you want to go for HD channels then make a selection for that and we assume you are definitely aware that HD channels will be more expensive than SD channels.

Once you make a selection of 100 or more channels the final price will reflect on your screen that you need to double check. If you have done long recharge before, then don’t worry your money will be adjusted against the bill. The NCF is almost the same which is Rs 130+ 18% GST, which is equivalent to roughly Rs 153 and after that final amount depends on which channels you have selected for you.

Tata Sky: iOS and Android

Airtel:  Android

Dish TV: Android

Apart from these DTH operators if you have a different connection then kindly contact your respective cable operator and select the channel pack.

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