How to Reset and Restart Galaxy S20 Ultra, S20Plus, S20

How to Reset and Restart Samsung S20 and S20Plus
How to Reset and Restart Samsung S20 and S20Plus

Reset and Restart Galaxy S20Plus, S20, these things must be known to every Galaxy S20 and S20Plus owner; because to some extent, there is no option left for us except Resetting or Restarting to bring back the device to normal. Reset and Restart, these two terms are very useful, and if you have perfect knowledge on how to restart Samsung S20, S20Plus, and How to Reset Samsung S20, S20Plus, half of the problem gets resolved there.

In this guide, we’ve mentioned the most commonly searched queries that everyone tries to find on Google after purchasing or switching from iPhone or Android phone to Samsung Device. Hopefully, we haven’t missed anything related to resetting and restarting; if you think so, kindly comment or reach us directly through email.

How to Reset and Restart Samsung S20 and S20Plus
How to Reset and Restart Samsung S20 and S20Plus

How to Restart Samsung S20, S20Plus & How to Reset Samsung S20Plus, S20

How to Restart Galaxy S20Plus, S20

To get rid of minor issues like system crashing or app crashing, our first step to fix the problems like that is to restart the Samsung phone. You can say it is the ideal solution to every problem with our smartphone.

Therefore, since you’ve purchased the Galaxy S20, S20Plus, it will be helpful for you to know how to reboot Galaxy S20, S20Plus, to fix normal bugs and restore the functionality.

Before showing a tutorial on how to restart Samsung S20, we would be pleased to answer a few questions on soft reset.

  1. Does Soft Reset Erase Everything on Samsung S20, S20Plus?

Fortunately, soft rebooting the Samsung phone doesn’t delete or alter your personal data. It only fixes the system glitches and refreshes the software.

  1. Why Should I Restart my Samsung S20, S20Plus?

As I mentioned, periodically rebooting the Samsung phone keeps the system smooth and eliminates minor bugs and errors.

How do you soft reset Samsung S20 and S20Plus?

  • Press and hold the Power button and when the power option appears, select Restart.

How to Force Restart Galaxy S20Plus, S20

There are only a few Android phones left in the market whose battery can be removed. Samsung phones with a removable battery and non-removable battery; both have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, high-end devices like S20 and S20Plus are designed with a non-removable battery.

Earlier when the Samsung phone or any other smartphone freezes or stuck on wallpaper with zero moments, we used to remove the battery and re-insert it again to stimulate battery. What if Galaxy S20 stuck on Samsung logo or Galaxy S20Plus stuck in safe mode? At that time without removing the battery, it is quite difficult to fix the problem, here force reboot comes in picture.

If such situation arises with Samsung phones, force restarting Samsung S20 or S20Plus works similarly as removing and inserting the battery, which means when we hard reboot the Samsung phone all the apps, system, memory, and other functions get turned off and re-launched in the background along with it simulates battery too.

  1. Does Force Restarting S20 and S20Plus delete my personal data?

No, hard rebooting the Samsung S20/S20Plus will only force quit the system, memory, apps and lastly simulates battery just to improvise its performance and speed up the system.

2. How to Speed Up my Samsung S20Plus, S20?

Force restarting the device is the basic method to boost your Galaxy device. Here’s how it can be done.

How Do I Force Restart My Samsung S20 and S20Plus?

  • Press and hold the Power button and Volume down key together.
  • Do not release until logo displays on the screen, it might take about 15 seconds.

How to Enable Auto Restart on Galaxy S20Plus, S20

Likewise, if you don’t want to face random errors like Camera App Crashing on S20 or Instagram Crashing on Samsung, turn on Auto Restart on Samsung S20 and S20Plus.

Yes, our Samsung phones do have a setting that lets you set Day and Time, to schedule auto restart. But there are few conditions to be met,

  1. The display should be off.
  2. The device should be ideal, not in use.
  3. The phone’s battery must be 30% or more.
  4. SIM card lock is off.

How Do I Turn On Auto Restart in Samsung S20, S20Plus?

  • Open Settings of the Galaxy S20.
  • Scroll down and select General management.
  • Tap Reset.
  • Go to Auto Restart to discover more settings.
  • Turn on Auto Restart on Samsung S20 to customize further options.
  • Under Schedule, set the Day and Time, on which you would want to Auto Restart the device.

How to Reset All Settings on Galaxy S20Plus, S20

When it comes to fixing random Samsung problems, nothing is better than resetting all settings. Sometimes, malware tweaks the system settings without our knowledge and later it results in particular app issues and many other unwanted problems. So its better to reset all settings, rather than searching for the culprit in the 128GB/256GB/512GB device. Besides, it is also useful to restore incorrect changes that we are not aware of.

When Soft Restart and Force Restart fails, Reset All Settings comes in handy. Without deleting or losing any photos or personal data, you could restore the system’s settings to default. Your third-party applications are safe too.

Will Resetting Settings Delete My Photos, Contacts, Videos or other data?

No, it won’t! Resetting Settings sets all the personalized settings to default without interfering with your personal data.

How Do I Reset Settings on Samsung S20, S20Plus?

  • From the notification bar, tap on Settings or go to the Settings app from the App Drawer.
Go to Settings
Go to Settings
  • Open General management.
  • Tap Reset.
  • Select Reset settings.
  • Confirm Reset settings.
  • How to Reset Network Settings on Galaxy S20Plus, S20

    Issues like Mobile Data Not Working on Samsung or Wi-Fi Keeps Dropping on Samsung is most likely to fix once you perform reset network settings. Resetting network settings will set all the network connections to default. Here’s what will happen when you reset network settings on Samsung S20 Plus and S20.

    Following Settings will be Reset to Default:

    • All the saved Wi-Fi networks and passwords will be removed.
    • Similarly, Bluetooth devices that is paired with your device will be unpaired and removed.
    • The network selection settings will be changed to automatic.
    • Background data sync settings will be enabled.
    • Applications with the Data Restriction enabled or disabled will be set to default.

    Other than that following functions will be Turned OFF; Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VPN, Mobile Hotspot, and Data Roaming. And Mobile data will be Turned ON.

    How Do I Reset network settings on Samsung S20 and S20Plus?

    • Swipe up the App Drawer to open Settings.
    Open Settings
    Open Settings
  • Scroll down and tap General management.
  • Navigate to Reset.
  • Select Reset network settings.
  • Tap Reset network settings on S20 and S20Plus
    Tap Reset network settings
  • Again tap Reset to proceed.
  • How to Reset App Preferences on Samsung S20Plus, S20

    In our Google Play Store, we have more than one application available to watch videos, to play music, chat with friends, to browse on Google and more. Indeed, we have downloaded two or more applications to the same purpose just to test which is best or for any other reason. So, how do you select a default application for Messaging or how to clear defaults on Galaxy S20 Plus, S20? It can be done by resetting app preferences in less than a minute.

    Also, there are two options available for you, Reset Individual App or Reset All App Preferences. We have listed both with their stepwise guide; choose what would be your choice.

    How to Reset App Preferences for Specific App?

    If you’ve opted to reset app preferences for individual apps, then keep note that doing it will delete all the data for the particular app and reset app preferences.

    • Swipe up the App Drawer and tap Settings.
    Open Settings
    Open Settings
  • Go to Apps.
  • Tap on the app to reset app preferences. If the app is not listed, then from the Menu, select Show system apps or on the top-left screen select All.
  • Firstly, Force Stop the app.
  • Then, go to Storage and hit Clear Data. You may not find the Clear Data option in certain applications.
  • How to Reset All App Preferences on Samsung Phone?

    While performing reset app preferences for the entire device, these settings will be reset.

    Permissions Restrictions, Default Apps, Background data restrictions for apps, Disabled Apps, and Notifications restrictions for apps.

    • Navigate to the Settings.
    • Find and tap Apps.
    • On the top-left side, tap the drop-down menu and choose All.
    • Now, on the upper-right corner, hit Menu icon (three vertical dots).
    • Finally, select Reset app preferences.

    How to Reset Accessibility Settings on Galaxy S20, S20Plus

    Accessibility is the greatest feature currently available in almost all the smartphone, users with hearing impairments or limited vision issues can also be able to use the incredible features in their own way. Apart from crippled or challenged people, normal users are also taking advantage of features like Flash Notifications in different circumstances.

    But now, if you don’t want to use them and bring the device back to normal, then resetting accessibility settings would be helpful.

    • Launch the Settings app on your Samsung device.
    • Swipe up the settings menu, and open General management.
    • Open Reset.
    • Now, select Reset accessibility settings.
    • Read the following instructions and tap Reset settings.

    How to Factory Reset S20, S20Plus

    Last but not the least, factory data reset, a solution to every weird and sticky problem. Most of the troubleshooting articles like Fix Left Earbud Not Working or My Phone is not charging end up with factory data reset.

    I’m sure that many people have already factory reset their Samsung or any other device due to some or other reason. Unlike any other reset, Factory data reset deletes all the data stored on the phone including personal data, photos, videos, system settings, downloaded applications and more.

    So if you are doing a factory reset, make sure to backup and then only restore to factory data.

    • Open Settings.
    Open Settings
    Open Settings
  • Scroll down to open General management.
  • Tap Reset.
  • Choose Factory data reset.
  • Tap ResetFactory Data Reset S20 and S20Plus accessibility settings on Galaxy S20, S20Plus
    Tap Factory Data Reset
  • And lastly, confirm the Reset.
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