How To Fix Apple Music Not Working on Samsung 2023

Apple Music was specially launched for the iOS user. But as the increasing demand of apple music, they make it available to Android also. Similarly, like all the iOS users the android user also received “apple music not playing downloaded songs”. Some of those problems are generic, while some of those are encountered only on the Android device.

From the expert research, this issue usually occurs due to network-related bugs, system glitches, or else due app-specific glitches. Thankfully, they are handy to fix by following the effective workaround mentioned in this article.

Guide To Fix Apple Music On Samsung S22 Not Working

Verify Network Connectivity

Some bugs in the apple could be due to minor bugs such as poor network connectivity. To fix it, enable the mobile data and see if the location you are currently present has ideal network connectivity. If not, then move to the place where there is good network signals.

Update Apple Music

Is Apple music not working on android auto? Well is that issue you encountered on your Samsung flagship. The first thing you need to verify is that you running the latest version of Apple music. The app updates are usually launched to fix all the minor bugs that prevent apple music slow on Samsung.

Restart Phone

If an update doesn’t result in a positive outcome and the issue is still visible, restart the Samsung device. Doing so will refresh your device OS and purge any temporary files and system causing apple music not working on Samsung.

Force Stop Apple Music

Force stopping the application is an effective method for fixing “apple music stops playing no reason” malfunction. No matter, if the apple music is updated but still it keeps crashing, you should perform force-stop apple music on a Samsung device.

  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Select Apps.
  • Hit See All Apps. Tap on the Apple Music.
  • Lastly, hit Force Stop.

Go to the Apple Music and verify if the apple music keeps crashing is fixed or not.

Update Operating System

Same as updating the app, you try to update the device. Because updating the Samsung device OS is best and effective way to fix apple music to run without issue.

  • Head to Settings.
  • Tap System.
  • Select System Update if available.

Clear the Cache of App

If the apple music app on your Samsung device doesn’t work, clearing the cache can be a good one. As if the cache gets corrupted then apple music is not able to load the music library or won’t able to play music. So to fix it the only way is to clear the cache of the apple music.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Hit Apps And Notification.
  • Select All Apps.
  • Tap on the Apple Music>Storage & Cache.
  • Lastly, hit Clear Cache option.

Clear Apple Music Data

Same as the clearing cache, clearing the data of apple of an apple music app is considered an effective workaround to fix. The only thing to be noted is, if you have set up the apple music app from the scrap then you might lose some relevant data and files.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Hit Apps And Notification.
  • Select All Apps.
  • Tap on the Apple Music>Storage & Cache.
  • Lastly, hit Clear Data option.

If none of the above-mentioned tricks works, simply delete the app and then restart the device. After that reinstall the apple music app from the Google Play Store.

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