How to Find My Phone using Samsung Galaxy Watch

find my phone using Galaxy Watch

The Galaxy Watch and Samsung phone make the best pair, it is like they are made for each other. If you have Samsung S10 and don’t have Galaxy Watch, then think, and if possible then buy the latest Gear. Dozens of features are available on Galaxy Watch alongside, if you have Watch, no need to take a phone every time when you receive notifications. Simply raise your wrist and do whatever you want on the Galaxy Watch.

Few Samsung S10 users have frequently asked the question, Can I find my Phone using Galaxy Watch? Fortunately, yes it is possible to locate the phone if you have Galaxy Watch paired with it. This option is certainly handy if you are a forgetful person and every time misplaces the phone.

How To Track Samsung Phone Using Galaxy Watch,

  1. On your Galaxy Watch, launch the Find My Phone.
  2. Hit the Start button to search for your phone.
  3. It will immediately begin the process of finding the phone is Galaxy Watch and Phone are already paired over Bluetooth.
  4. The paired phone will start ringing at full volume and vibrating so that you can locate it.

What to do if my phone and Galaxy Watch isn’t paired over Bluetooth?

Doesn’t matter, still, you can find your phone if Galaxy watch isn’t paired with the phone over Bluetooth. Using Wi-Fi, it is possible to track the device. However, on your phone Find my phone should be enabled. As soon as Galaxy Watch locates your phone, it will notify you. You have to be patient as this kind of processes takes time.

It is obvious that you can’t find your phone if Airplane Mode is enabled or your phone is entirely shut down.

Apart from this, you should check out How to Enable Find my Phone on Samsung S10 and S10 Plus. If you are really serious about your Samsung S10 and S10 Plus, then we would recommend you to enable Find my phone on Samsung S10 and S10 Plus. There you will be able to access the phone remotely over the internet along with it lets you wipe out the entire device remotely in case if the device is stolen.

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