How to Setup Fall Detection on Galaxy Watch5 And Galaxy Watch5 Pro

How to Use Fall Detection in Samsung Watch 5 Watch 5 Pro

To follow the success of the old Samsung Galaxy Watch, Samsung recently launched a new array of smartwatches; the Galaxy Watch5 & Watch5 Pro. So rather than redesigning the wheel, the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch consumes the same advanced features but significantly changes the Battery Life. Unlike the older predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 series offers superfluity of the health and wellness aspects. What’s more, the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch now can detect falls and offers emergency assistance. 

You might be wondering what is fall detection feature. It’s a completely life-saving feature that monitors the random or hard falls. It’s equipped with an accelerometer that helps to detect all your body movements. During a hard fall, it will feature emergency assistance. And in case, if you didn’t reply in a design within 60 seconds of time-frame, it will instantly and automatically deliver the SOS alert to the emergency contacts and services. 

Can The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Series Detect A Fall

As of now, the Galaxy Watch5 series is craved with a feature known as the Fall detection feature. Here in this guide, we have mentioned step-by-step to set up the fall detection feature on Galaxy Watch5 Pro and Galaxy Watch5

Steps To Set up Fall Detection On Galaxy Watch5 Series 

First of all, to use the SOS feature, your watch must be connected to a phone. At the same point, you should keep the Emergency Contact on the list through an application. 

  • Step 1 → Navigate to the Galaxy Wearable App on your device.
  • Step 2 → Choose Watch Settings > Advanced Features.
  • Step 3 → Tap SOS. On the next screen, turn on the When Hard Fall Detected > Continue.
  • Step 4 → Tap Agree > Emergency Contacts.
  • Step 5 → Here you can setup up to 4 Contacts > Done.

Right after that, click on any contact to create an SOS call right after the messages are sent > Save.

Samsung Watch That Supports Fall Detection

  • Galaxy Watch Active 2
  • Galaxy Watch3 
  • Galaxy Watch4 
  • Galaxy Watch5 

Keep Yourself Safe!

I’m damn sure you are now updated with what is fall detection and how to setup it up on the Galaxy Watch5 series. In case, if your loved one, parent, toddler, or grandmother has Samsung Watch, prompt them to enable the feature as it’s completely life-saving. 

How Do You Use Fall Detection On Galaxy Watch?

If you have fall detection compatible Galaxy Watch, you can easily activate “Hard Fall Detection” from the phone settings: Navigate to the Galaxy Wearable App > Watch Settings > SOS > tap on the toggle next Detects Falls.

Does Samsung Have Hard Fall Detection?

Thanks to it’s advanced Accelerometer will help alert you when your device attempts random falls.

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