GPS Issues on Galaxy S20, S20Plus: 10 Fixes

Samsung S20 Ultra Not Showing Notifications

No one likes to wander in the middle of the path as they are not well aware of directions and asking help from bodies surrounding them. When GPS is trustworthy, we may never experience as estranged in the path we are stuck. Quick path identification and direction can save lots of time of unknown drivers.

When you encounter issues like the GPS is highlighting a wrong location or Samsung S20 GPS not working. Let us look for the trick that helps to fix S20 GPS issues to ensure that our GPS works accurately whenever we are planning for a business tour or picnic. Continue reading this article no matter you are having a problem with a signal that is not working perfectly or GPS is not tracking accurately, the tricks listed will fix all the GPS related issues.

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GPS Not Working on Samsung S20, S20Plus, S20Ultra

Quick Fix:

You are not the only one with the GPS lock issues on Samsung S20 lineup, a number of Samsung S20 users have reported a similar issue on Samsung Community and Reddit too. To fix this, the best solution will be to update the Samsung S20 to the latest firmware. Since the problem appears is almost all the S20 units, Samsung may have released a fix for this bug.

Update System Software

If you are ignoring an app update for a long time, then there is a possibility that it may affect your GPS. Every update is a fixture for glitch and feasible problems. It is the best way to keep your app updated frequently so that your device carries the latest version of App. To verify it follows the given below steps.

  • Access Apps Tray.
  • Navigate to Settings Icon.
  • Select Settings.
  • Search and tap About Device.
  • Go to Software Update.
  • Hit Download and Install.

Toggle GPS

Switch off the GPS, rest for a couple of minutes, then switch it back on, is the simple way to stimulate the GPS, and fix the issues.

  • Initially, go to Settings.
  • Search and hit Biometrics & Security.
  • Tap Location to switch off the GPS.

Toggle Airplane Mode

A lot of owners of the device have found that turning off Airplane mode and on can be useful to fix GPS not working issue. This trick is the same as the first method, turning off Airplane Mode and on will not only refresh the GPS services but also carrier or Wifi of your device.

  • You just need to scroll down the Notification Panel.
  • Search Airplane Icon.
  • Hit the Airplane Icon.
  • Wait for few seconds and turn it ON.

Remove the Phone Case

Your device case can induce as a hindrance for the GPS. It may finish up showing the inaccurate location or it may not run at all if the case is creating issue, so try to dispatch the case of your device and verify if the GPS is working or not. If your issue is fixed then the problem is with a case. You may want to spend some to buy a new case that doesn’t disturb or better still, don’t use case.

Disable Power Saver Mode

If you are using Power Saving Mode very often, that may be the reason your device GPS is not working as expected. Power saving mode immobilized some of the important features like GPS, Wifi, Mail fetches and background apps refresh. It may be very helpful if you are seeking to increase battery life. If you want to access GPS disable power saver mode. To do so follow the given below steps.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Select Battery.
  • Search and tap Power Saver Mode.
  • Then enable Power Saver Mode.

Reboot Your Phone

Rebooting your Samsung Galaxy S20 will refresh all the software programs. When your Galaxy S20 is switched off, all apps, services, features will stop working and refresh once again when your device is switched on. This trick can be the best fixture to your Samsung Galaxy S20. To reboot the device follow the given below steps.

  • Hold the Bixby Button and Volume Down Button.
  • Simultaneously press the Power Button until the device turns off.
  • Wait for few seconds and hold Power Button to switch on the device.

Turn On High Accuracy Mode

To increase the accuracy of GPS in your device by turning on the High Accuracy Mode. To turn on follow the given below steps.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap Locations.
  • Select the Location Method.
  • Search and tap High Accuracy Mode to switch it on.

Clear the Cache of Apps

There are chances were the data files and cache files stored in the map app may get corrupted. This can generate GPS issue and it may begin misbehaving. While clearing the cache will not create any issue because the cache will automatically regenerate. Your saved data can be lost so back up all the important data stored in the device.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Hit Apps and select the desired app.
  • After that, tap Three Dot located on the upper right corner of the screen.
  • In drop-down menu tap Show System Apps.
  • Hit Clear Cache.
  • Touch Clear Data.
  • Tap DELETE.

Factory Data Reset

Resetting your S20 to Factory reset will bring back software to the same state when you bought it. It will clear all data and apps from the device. So to prevent the data loss you need to back-up all the data stored in the device. You can store data to another device or transfer it to a personal cloud. The device offers an option to create a backup before you begin the factory data reset.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Hit General Management.
  • Select Reset.
  • Touch Factory Data Reset.
  • Tap Reset.
  • Select DELETE All to confirm.


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