GPS Issues on Galaxy S20, S20Plus: 11 Fixes

Samsung S20 Ultra Not Showing Notifications

For Android device owners, GPS is always on to go. As it advanced and supports a wide range of locations. If you rely entirely on GPS to explore new locations, it can ruin your day if GPS issues on Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus. If that’s what currently going through, read out this article and get it fixed. 

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Why Is GPS Not Working On Samsung S20, S20 Plus?

Usually, settings on the Samsung phone intentionally prevent GPS from working. Other reasons for GPS not working is weak signal strength, outdated OS, or hardware issue. However, Samsung S20 GPS issues aren’t common; you might encounter it after updating OS.

GPS Not Working on Samsung S20, S20Plus, S20Ultra

Quick Fix:

You are not the only one with the GPS lock issues on Samsung S20 lineup, a number of Samsung S20 users have reported a similar issue on Samsung Community and Reddit too. To fix this, the best solution will be to update the Samsung S20 to the latest firmware. Since the problem appears is almost all the S20 units, Samsung may have released a fix for this bug.

Restart The Samsung

Press the Power Power Button, select the green restart icon, and wait until the procedure finishes. This highly recommended solution as it can efficiently resolve the minor bug behind the cause. 

Move To An Open Area

If you are currently present in a location with low signal strength, for instance, a metal building, tunnels, or wooded areas. Head towards the open location and then check the GPS signal. 

Is Your Device Updated?

Check if your device, S20 or S20 Plus, is updated to the latest Android OS; if not, immediately upgrade it. For this, head to the Settings App, and choose Software Update. If available, select Download And Update. 

Confirm Mobile Data Is Turned ON

To use the GPS feature, your Samsung device should have enabled mobile data. If that’s not so, you won’t be able to use it. To verify, swipe down the notification panel and enable it. 

Turn Off Power Saving Mode

Yes, the Power Saving Mode should be turned off. The feature aims to prevent battery draining by restricting multiple aspects. To disable it, swipe down the notification panel and tap on the Power Saving Icon to turn it off.  

Enable High Accuracy Mode

Are facing low accuracy while using GPS, enable high accuracy mode by following the steps below.

  1. Head to the Settings App.
  2. Select Locations.
  3. Tap Location Method.
  4. Choose High Accuracy Mode to enable it.

That’s It!

Toggle wifi

Try using the wifi over mobile data, as it offers more accuracy. If available and further try checking the issue. 

Toggle Airplane Mode

Another must-try solution is toggling Airplane mode, hold for up to 30 seconds, and disable it. It will refresh network-related services. 

Check Date And Time Settings 

One reason GPS might not work is wrongly configured date and time. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Choose General Management.
  3. Select Date And Time.
  4. Toggle to enable Automatic Date And Time. 

Factory Reset Samsung S20, or S20Plus

The last resort in the bucket is factory reset Samsung. However, create a backup of data stored in your device before that. 

  1. Head Settings App.
  2. Choose General Management.
  3. Select Reset.
  4. Hit Factory Data Reset.
  5. Lastly, tap Reset.

Check For Hardware Issues

If none above troubleshooting work for you, check for the hardware problem. Which is one of the best diagnosed and repaired by the official Samsung Team. That’s It!

Final Thought!

I know it’s frustrating when you get stuck with Samsung S20 or S20 Plus GPS not working. For many users, it’s one of the must-have features. When it’s a necessity in daily life, you might be tempted to ignore it, even when you know it’s not working. However, resolving it before such a situation can prevent frustration. Did you get the solution to GPS not working on your Samsung S20 or S20 Plus? Drop in the below comment box.


Why Is GPS Not Accurate On My S20 series?

GPS accuracy may be affected by multiple factors, metal buildings, trees blocking satellite signals, and more.

How Do I Turn On GPS On Samsung S20 Series?

For this, head to the Settings App. Choose Biometric And Security and then select Location. Toggle to enable “Use Location.”

How Can I Improve My GPS Accuracy On My S20 series?

First, to enhance the GPS accuracy, ensure that your device has a clear view of sky. Enabling the wifi and bluetooth scanning. Further, turn on “High Accuracy” in the location settings. That’s It!

Can I Use GPS Without Internet On My S20 series?

Luckily, you use the GPS without internet on Samsung S20. But for that, you will need to have an internet connection to download Maps and receive real-time traffic updates.

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