Galaxy Note 10Plus Slow Charging Issue After Update

Galaxy Note 10Plus Slow charging issue
Galaxy Note 10Plus Slow charging issue

The slow charging problem is not a serious issue. There is no issue with your device circuit and battery of the note 10plus. Workaround to fix slow charge issues on Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus after the Android 10 update wouldn’t be that difficult.

Most of the charging-related issue was minor to fix. Except for the Note 7 the batteries were defective. So if you are searching for a troubleshooting technique to fix the charging slow problem on Note 10 Plus One UI 2 continue to read the article as it may help you.

Fix Samsung Note 10 Slow Charging Issue

Use official charging accessories

Initially, when you encountered the charging issue on the device, the first thing you need to ensure that you are using the cable and adapter that is provided by Samsung Company. This thing should be verified because the third-party cable is not compatible or defective. Try to use only accessories that come with the phone.

A cheap USB cable is not capable to provide an appropriate parameter to the device. if you are using the original cable then ignore this and move further to the next trick.

Confirm fast charging is enabled

This setting in a device is enabled by default, but to ensure, that it is not turned off. Follow the given below steps.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Hit Device Care.
  • Select Battery.
  • Go to More Settings.
  • Open Settings.
  • Verify the toggle is switched ON.

Restart the Note 10Plus

A common workaround step, restarting the note 10plus needs to be performed at this stage.

  • Hold the Volume Low + Power Keys for 10-15 seconds.
  • Press until the Maintenance Boot Mode screen is featured.
  • Use the Volume keys to move through the given option.
  • Select Normal Boot from Maintenance Boot Mode Screen.
  • If Maintenance Boot Mode doesn’t highlight on screen, it means the device doesn’t contain it.
  • Wait until the device switches off completely.

Turn off the device while charging

Till time if Samsung Galaxy Note 10plus charges slowly than there are possibilities that there are multiple numbers of apps running in the background that use up more power. Check that your device fast charge up after shutting it down. If the device charge fast that means you need to close a background running app.

While sometimes malware in the device consumes more power while performing the task. Even if fast charging is not disabled, your device may take several hours to charge. To check which app is using more power, use a battery usage tool. If these apps are unknown to you remove it from the system.

Clear Cache Partition

The android uses the cache to load the apps quickly. Sometimes this cache gets damaged which leads to bugs or performance problems. to verify if you have a corrupted cache issue, clear all the system by performing the given below steps.

  • Switch off the Note 10plus.
  • Press the Bixby key and Volume High Button, instantly press the Power Button.
  • Let out all the buttons when Android Symbol is featured on screen.
  • Hold the Volume Low Button to highlight “Wipe Cache Partition”.
  • Use the Power Key to select the given option.
  • Hold the Volume Low Button until “YES” is featured.
  • “Reboot System Now” is appeared on the screen.
  • Hold the Power Physical Key to restart the device.

It won’t lead to losing the data. There is no need to worry while performing this task.

Calibrate Battery

However, the Android mislead the actual battery level. To solve it follow the given below steps.

  • Use the battery completely, so the reading of the battery will 0%.
  • Charge the note 10plus until the battery reading reaches 100%. Use the original accessories only to charge up the device.
  • Unplug the device from the charging USB cable.
  • Restart the Note 10plus.
  • Drain the battery until it becomes 0%.
  • Repeat the above steps.

Charge the device in Safe mode

There are possibilities that third-party apps are causing the charging related issue. So to verify it charges the device in safe mode.

  • Turn off the Samsung Galaxy Note 10plus.
  • Press the Power Button until the model name is passed.
  • When SAMSUNG is featured, let out the buttons.
  • Instantly hold the Volume Low Button.
  • Hold it until the phone completes restarting.
  • Safe Mode will be highlighted on screen.
  • Let out Volume Low Button when safe mode is featured in your eyes.

In safe mode, all the third-party app will be disabled. If the device charges up accurately without any fault then it is likely to say the third-party app is the culprit. Uninstall the third-party app individually and verify the issue.

Factory Reset the Phone

The final device workaround is to perform a factory reset. Doing so will clear all the software settings and bring it to default settings.

Note: you need to back-up all the important data stored in a device

  • Go to Settings Icon.
  • Search and hit General Management.
  • Select Reset.
  • Tap Factory Data Reset.
  • Read the instruction and hit Reset to carry on.
  • Hit Delete All to confirm the procedure.

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