6 Fixes YouTube Black Screen on Samsung Smart TV [2023]

When the worst-case scenario occurs like your YouTube black screen on Samsung TV is irreparable, according to your thought. But thankfully, the brighter side of this Samsung TV no picture is, there are various workarounds to fix it.

Presently, we suggest you perform the workaround on the software rather than taking it to the repairing, as it’s a software-related issue, or else the issue lies within the application. And before performing any of the mentions below fix. Try signing out of the account and in and try using a different login credential, so that the doubt clear up in our mind.

Fix YouTube Not Working on Samsung Smart TV

Cold Boot The TV

Cool boot TV is different from turning off and on the TV. When you switch off the TV, the goes to standby mode. In the simple word cool boot turn off the TV and reboot it, same as restarting the TV. This can fix the problem you are having Samsung tv black screen. Well, there are two ways to cold boot the smart TV.

With the Plug: If your remote is damaged, simply unplug the TV from the power source, let it unplug for few seconds, and plugin back.

With the Remote: The handy way is to press the Power Key on the remote until it’s disabled and enable it once again.

Update The TV’s Software

When you have Samsung TV black screen problem, it always good to verify for a software update. Software updates are released frequently and which sometimes fix the minor bugs and add up advanced aspects. However, you can update the TV directly through the TV’s menu, but sometimes, you may need to verify from Samsung.com for the recent version.

Check for Software Update on your TV

  • For that you need to head towards Settings>Support>Software Update>Update Now.If their availability of the update, it will automatically update, and after that TV will restart.
  • If there is no availability, tap OK.

Verify for new Software on Samsung.com.

Rarely, a new version will only be available on Samsung.com before launching it to the TV. So the latest version of the software is only available on the official website. And if the current version of the software is same as available version on the website, kindly skip it.

Delete The App From The TV and re-install it

Deleting the app from the TV and re-installing can mainly solve the problem that lies within the application. Problem such Samsung TV black screen issue, or else Youtube black screen on Samsung TV, no matter whatever the problem is the result we fixed.

  • Go to Apps.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select the Youtube App from the list of apps> Tap Delete.

Install the App

  • Tap the Return on the TV remote and hit Search Symbol located on the right-top corner.
  • Enter the name of app.
  • Tap on the Youtube App and then hit Install.

Open the youtube app and see if the issue is fixed or not.

Reset Smart Hub

Whenever you perform a smart reset, you need all the all sign-in credentials of the Samsung Account. So make sure that you have collected all the login credentials before performing it. Now to reset the smart hub follow the given below steps.

  • Go to Settings>Support>Device Care>Self Diagnosis>Reset Smart Hub.
  • Go to Settings>Support>Self Diagnosis>Reset Smart Hub.

After performing any of the steps they will ask you re-write the TV’s PIN. Don’t worry ot have the PIN because the TV PIN is set as default 0000.

Why is YouTube not working on my Samsung Smart TV?

There are many reasons behind YouTube not working on Samsung TV like YouTube Crashing, YouTube Server Down, Slow Internet Connection, Outdated Samsung TV Firmware, etc. Here’s how to figure out and fix YouTube not working on Samsung Smart TV.

Why has YouTube suddenly stopped working on my TV?

Well, there are dozens of reasons why YouTube is not working on your TV, it could be YouTube Server Down, outdated YouTube App/TV Firmware, and the list goes on. Read our tutorial to check all the possibilities and fix the issue.

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