Fix Wi-Fi not working on Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Wi-Fi not working on samsung galaxy note 10

After a year of waiting, finally, we have Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in our hands. No doubt, Note 10 is classy in looks and unbeatable when it comes to features. Unfortunately, Wi-Fi stopped working on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10, I don’t know why such a brand new phone is causing Wi-Fi issues. Whenever I tried to connect to Wi-Fi, the Samsung Note 10 keeps dropping and losing the signal.

After teasing Samsung for such an ungrateful response to the phone, I tried to fix on my own. Recently, my brother had the same issue of Wi-Fi not working on Samsung S10, but after trying a series of troubleshooting tricks, Wi-Fi starts to work. At last, I performed the same tricks on my Samsung Note 10 and guess what happened? Wi-Fi not working on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 just fixed with one of those solutions. You should also do the same and fix Wi-Fi keeps disconnecting on Samsung Note 10.

Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 10 keeps dropping Wi-Fi Signal

Trick 1: Restart Note 10

As usual, we will start the troubleshooting with the common restart. It should be done because most of the time restarting the phone fixes the minor system glitches. If that is it, then why waste time on performing big tricks.

  • Press and hold the Power button and Volume down button.
  • Hold the buttons until the Power menu displays on the screen.
  • Select Restart.

Trick 2: Reboot Wireless Router

If simple rebooting Samsung Note 10 doesn’t fix Wi-Fi not working, then you should check if there is any problem with a wireless router. Many times we are busy in mocking the device, but then realize that the real culprit is the router. It is better to check the router’s condition first. Besides, the best way to do is, to restart the wireless router and reconnect Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to it.

All you have to do is, unplug the power adapter of the router and plug back in after two to three minutes. Also, before reconnecting the Note 10 to the Wi-Fi, forget the Wi-Fi network and then enter the password as usual. This might work and fix Wi-Fi issues on Note 10.

Trick 3: Try Another Wi-Fi Network

Still unable to discover why Samsung Note 10 won’t connect to Wi-Fi? It’s time to use your friend’s or neighbor’s Wi-Fi. One in a hundred time, the Wi-Fi issues is only with our Wi-Fi router and when we try to connect the phone with another Wi-Fi it works perfectly.

Trick 4: Reset Network Settings

Eliminating network-related problems from Note 10 could be done by Reset Network Settings. Nevertheless, Wi-Fi not working on Samsung Note 10 will get fixed once you perform this action. Please make sure to write Wi-Fi passwords somewhere safe, because once Reset Network Settings is done, every VPN, APN, and Wi-Fi passwords will be wiped.

  • Settings > General Management > Reset> Reset network settings.
  • Tap Reset and enter the PIN if asked. Again hit Reset.

Trick 5: Use Wi-Fi in Safe Mode

Do you know what Safe Mode is? Apparently, when we want to find out whether any third-party application is causing trouble or first-party. However, after putting your device into safe mode, all the third-party application will be disabled and Samsung will only run the default applications. And if Wi-Fi works as perfectly in Safe Mode, then you have to find out the corrupted third-party app installed on the device. Begin from the last installed application on the phone and start deleting apps one by one until Wi-Fi works flawlessly.

  • Press and hold the Power button and release upon the Power window appear.
  • Again tap and hold the Power icon until Safe Mode option comes around.
  • Tap Safe Mode. In less than a minute the phone will be in Safe Mode.
  • You can verify once the Note 10 reboots, Safe Mode will appear on the lower-left side of the screen.

To disable Safe Mode in Samsung Galaxy Note 10, merely restart the phone.

Trick 6: Wipe Cache Partition

After uninstalling the third-party applications, if the issue still persists then, delete cache files of the entire phone. Despite, removing the third-party applications, the major data part of the application stays in the phone in the form of cache and eats up the memory. That’s why you should Wipe Cache Partition of Samsung Note 10 and check the Wi-Fi again.

Trick 7: Factory Data Reset

Finishing up this troubleshooting series with the last solution, that is factory data reset. When nothing works, Factory Data Reset fixes most of the software bugs and faults. Most of the users did hesitate to perform Factory Reset as they have to suffer data loss and set up the entire device like before. However, before visiting Samsung Care, give a chance to your phone and factory reset it.

Don’t forget to backup the phone before the Factory Data Reset.

  • Go to the Settings > General Management > Reset > Factory data reset.
  • Read the following info and tap Reset.
  • Lastly, tap Delete All to start the Factory Data Reset.

Last but not the least, contact Samsung Support, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is a recent smartphone launched by Samsung and if anything is wrong with hardware or software, they would definitely resolve your problem.

Finishing Up!

Hopefully, you have fixed the Wi-Fi issue on your Samsung Note 10 from the above tricks. What do you love the most in Samsung Galaxy Note 10, share your thoughts with us, we would appreciate your efforts and review on the newest phone.

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