[2023] Fix Snapchat Won’t Open Snaps and Stories in Android

No matter, there are lots of complaints received by the users that Snapchat not loading snap, but Snapchat is one of the trending social media applications that’s been downloaded by many millennials. It’s known for seeking out a feature that makes it more attractive, any snap or story will disappear once the receiver opens up the files.

Looking at its complaint many users say, they receive the black screen without any error notification when they use the snap camera to record video or images. Some of them say, they receive grey preview images when they try to load the snap. As the problem is encountered on Android, our expert team has worked on the Snapchat not working issue and mentioned the sorted list of workaround to fix it. So follow the given below troubleshooting steps on your device.

Fix Snapchat Snaps and Stories Won’t Open on Android

Restart Android Device

Restarting is one of the common and effective workarounds for Snapchat not loading snap error. No matter, whatever the kind of the problem with Snapchat is, firstly you need to simply restart the device. After restarting the device, watch if the snap won’t load the picture on chatting is fixed or not. If not, move further to the next steps.

Clear Conversation

Usually, you can’t load stories and snaps from a particular friend or a user. In such a situation you just try to clear the conversion of a particular friend.

  • Go to Snapchat.
  • Hit Settings.
  • Tap Account Actions>Clear Conversation.

Re-Add The Friend

It’s quite similar solution to clear the conversation, you try and verify the problem by re-adding your corrupted friend. Doing so will remove all the snaps received and sent from the particular friend.

  • Go to Snapchat.
  • Hit your Profile.
  • Select My Friend.

Clear Snapchat Cache

Using the Android application for a long time can contain lots of data and media files. And when the problem occurs, all these files and media get corrupted. So while encountering such type of problem you need to perform the clear cache on Snapchat.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll down and hit Apps.
  • Hit Snapchat.
  • Select Storage>Clear Cache.

Check Network Connection

Another important thing you need to consider when you receive “Snapchat won’t load old saved picture in chat” is verify the network connection. If you are using Snapchat with mobile data, see if the location you are present have a stable internet connection. Or else, if you are connected with wi-fi, switch it to mobile data because sometimes you are out of the router range.

Check the app permission is enabled

If the network connection works accurately, then there are chances, where Snapchat doesn’t have accurate permission to function. This necessary feature includes location, storage, and other. The petty way to verify the permission settings is go to Settings>Tap Permission>Enable The Missing Permission.

Change DNS

Even customizing the DNS setting can also be considered a useful workaround to fix Snapchat stories won’t load. So try it on your flagship to fix the problem.

  • Navigate to Settings>Wi-Fi.
  • To open network option long-press the Modify Network.
  • Now the change IP settings to Static.
  • Hit Show Advance Settings when the menu option is not visible.
  • After that modify DNS1 and DNS2 to and

Update Snapchat App

Another feasible workaround that can possibly help to get rid of why Snapchat not working 2021 is by updating the application. Several times when the app doesn’t contain the latest version, the crashing of the a will be received sooner or later. In such type of situation see if there is availability of updates or not. If yes, then immediately update the application.

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