12 Fix Samsung Tab S7 FE Keeps Overheating

Why is my Samsung Tablet S7FE Getting Hot? There are various terms that could the Samsung tablet into a corrupted device. These terms can be keeping the device in direct contact with sunlight, using GPS maps, playing high-intensive games, or else using video editor apps.

So, if you are experiencing these while using the device follow the given below article, as it may help you to prevent the device from overheating.

Fix Samsung Tab S7 FE Keeps Overheating

Charging Problem

Another culprit, behind the Samsung tablets, getting hot is your charging. And we all know the flagship like Samsung tab comes with fast charging, then can result in massive heat break in Samsung battery pack. Also using a third-party fast charger can result in long-term device damage. So kindly charge up the device with an official charger.

No Fan

For beginners, the Samsung tab is a gadget with an extraordinary processor, but there is no fan. Unlike other gadgets like desktops or laptops, which have pre-installed radiators and fans, the Samsung tab has no feature to let out heat. So while continuous use of high-graphics games or else using the software can result in the Samsung tab keeps overheating.

Processor Exhaustion

We all nowadays the people get addicted to games and some of them make a passive income doing freelancing. If so, then it can cause processor exhaustions. Because doing so, can run the processor full-time which indirectly results in Samsung tablet overheating.

What Happen When Your Samsung S7FE Tablet Overheats?

Slow Charging

If your Samsung tablet is becoming hot, there were your processor will drain the battery and cut off the power supply. Because in order to prevent it from the heating it will decrease the flow of power supply comparatively. This results in fast-charging not working on Samsung Galaxy tablets.

App Slowdown

The overheating creates various issues within the device and from them, one of those is app slowdown on the Samsung Galaxy tabs. In the basic level processor will try itself from getting hot in order to dissipate, so it will try to stop the core features, apps, and the RAM of the device which final pop-up apps slowdown issue on the Android device.

What are the Samsung tablets overheating solutions?

Stop Charging

The most preferred way to prevent the device from overheating is to stop charging your Samsung tablet. If you noticed the device getting hot while plugged in, then unplugged as soon as possible. It will prevent the device from daily wear and tear.

Close Background Running Apps

The more apps running the background, there will be more impact on the processor. And not it, the processor will get hot! So when you encounter the device getting hot, let out all background running app.

Detach the cover from the device

Sometimes the case doesn’t allow to dissipate the hot air from the device, which results in overheating on the Samsung device. Try to detach the cover case from the device and so all the hot airs from the device will easily dissipate from the device.

Verify the Charging Cable

Because third-party charging cable or a crashed cable can result in Samsung Tab S7FE getting hot. And if you noticed bent cable on the port end or else exposed wire, then instantly stops charging the device from a particular charger. And if the cable is third-party verify does its output power matches with the official cable. If it doesn’t match, don’t use the cable.

How to Cool down Samsung Tablet

Use Samsung-certified charger

First and foremost if you don’t have the official charger or else you have lost the charger, instantly buy it from the official Samsung Galaxy tab S7FE chargerand if you need help contact us.

Use the extra features when needed

Disable the unused features from your device such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. Because these features consume more power and result in my Samsung device keep overheating.

Enable Auto-brightness

Having the brightness at the peak can drain the battery fast and also makes the device hotter. So rest of the time you need to keep the phone screen dimmer, doing so will reduce the heat of the device.

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