Fix Samsung Tab S7 FE Battery Keeps Draining Issues

Shocked. Your Samsung Tablet reads 33%, unexpectedly pop-up the low battery warning. But didn’t you charge a while before? Yes, is that your answer, it seems your device encountered a battery drain issue. Here the confusion starts, is it a fault? Due to high brightness? Too many apps running in the background? Now, just don’t worry, hold on.

Before getting stuck into the confusing world. Our experts are here to answer your question battery keeps draining on Samsung. Below, we will offer a complete workaround that will answer to your Samsung Tab battery draining fast, and what are the culprits behind it. so continue to read this article.

Fix Samsung Tab S7 FE Battery Drain

A Samsung tab can drain the battery due to several reasons. Sometimes the workaround to your issue is obvious. In case, if you have to adapt the feature that never locks automatically, accidental leaving the screen ON for a long time can be a source of worry.

And sometimes, the case isn’t the same, then a corrupted app can be the culprit for battery eating. If you run the high-end games, it’s likely to say that it can eat a lot of your battery. It’s not cool at all! Weel we will tell how to take care of the device.

Common Fixes to Samsung Battery drain

Now as you all know the culprit behind battery draining on Samsung, it’s time to take the step to stop it. And, sometimes workarounds are far less easy than you might think.

Clear Background App Refreshing

Keep in mind, those crashed apps in that completely suck the Samsung’s battery even when they are not useful? Then it should be the first culprit you need to fix and to prolong the battery life of Samsung. While the easiest way is to clear them and if they are useful to you, thankfully you can disable background running apps.

Now, what is background running apps? Well, it’s when you receive the email and you get a notification, and until and unless you didn’t see it, it will notify you once again. It’s one type of huge battery drain on your Samsung Galaxy Tab S7FE flagship.

So refreshing such types of apps are incredibly helpful. Moreover, various apps also need to get a refreshed.

  • From the main screen, tap on Apps.
  • Now go to Settings.
  • Tap Apps.
  • Touch Running Services.
  • Right from the running tab, go to Service.
  • Hit Stop.
  • Then OK.

Restart the Samsung Tablet S7FE

Turning off then on sounds quite odd but it’s a great troubleshooting trick. So to restart, press the Volume Low and Power Buttons for 30-40 seconds.

Update Your Samsung

Sometimes the old good restart model doesn’t work, and the battery still keeps draining so verify if there is an availability of update or not.

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