Fix MacBook Pro Black Screen of Death after Update

Fix MacBook Pro Black Screen

A black screen of death on a MacBook Pro is one of the most frustrating situations you can ever come across. If there is any normal company’s laptop or computer you may never worry but in the case of MacBook Pro, you might instantly find out how much does cost to repair MacBook with a black screen. However, the MacBook with a black screen can be fixed by a normal workaround and in some cases, it’s a big deal.

In the article, you will go through a bunch of workarounds to fix the black screen issue on the Macbook pro. So continue reading the article and fix the issue.

Fix Black Screen of Death on MacBook Pro: All Models

Why My MacBook Screen Turn Black?

There are various reasons of the MacBook pro black screen,

Hardware and software incompatibility: Well this takes place only when your device is upgraded from one version to another. This happens because a new update could result in to incompatibility problems, unsolved glitches, and more.

Power Problem: Macbook screen goes black at a certain angle

Verify Level Of Brightness

Ok, you must have tried this, but sometime in hesitation, you might have forget to verify. If this is a reason for creating the MacBook pro screen to turn black then it will be a big relief. If you are presently running the device on battery, we recommend connecting with a charger and at the same point if the power light doesn’t show up then you can handily rule it out. It’s feasible that people around you or your pet might have accidentally pressed the low brightness buttons on the keyboard.

Unplug External Accessories

All the external accessories like the keyboard, printer, or any other external accessories can be the reason of MacBook pro black with a cursor, so in this case, make sure that your device is not connect with external accessories rather than a charging cable.

Restart Device

Now you have completely ruled out that external peripheral is not a reason behind MacBook pro screen goes black and unresponsive, the next workaround you must try is restarting the MacBook pro. Because there are chances where the normal bugs create trouble in the device. And thankfully it can get fixed by a normal restart.

Perform This MacBook Pro Sequence

This isn’t an official workaround, but many users in the past claim that performing a key sequence can usually fix the non-reacting blank screen of MacBook pro. For this, you need to press the power button once, then after press S and hold the power key to hard shut down the MacBook Pro device. Now wait for a couple of seconds and then hold the power button to restart. We are not familiar with it, but plenty of owner of MacBook pro has discuss about it.

Boot The Device To Safe Mode

Well, the safe mode is one of the biggest tool to find out the culprit behind any issue in the device. Because in the safe all the third-party applications are not allowed to run, only default ones are allowed. If any of the third-party applications is corrupted your device will result in MacBook pro black screen with a cursor. To boot the device to safe mode simply follow the given below steps.

  • Shut down the Macbook Pro.
  • Enable the device once again and instantly press the Shift Button.
  • Left out the Shift Button when the logo appears.
  • Now you will encounter the Safe Boot in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Sometimes the device will ask to log in twice and it will take time for diagnostics.

After the completion, you restart again with a normal restart and see if MacBook pro black screen is fixed or not.


If the above-mentioned trick still doesn’t work, it’s time to perform some technical workaround. Well, you will be unknown but PRAM and NVRAM are partitions that store device settings like display resolution and volume control. But when there is a bug with an NVRAM or PRAM your device might encounter problems like the MacBook pro screen not working but keyboard lit. To fix it, simply reset NVRAM/PRAM.

  • Firstly, shut down the device and restart the device once again.
  • Now instantly press the Option + Command + P +R simultaneously until you ear hear a startup chime.   
  • Doing so, you will lose all the settings. After completion of the procedure ensure that date/time, disk and display aspect are perfectly set.

Re-install macOS

A very last and effective workaround left is re-install macOS, the only thing all the important data and settings stored in the device will vanish. So if you want to protect those data you may need to contact with Apple support before performing so. Plus, you can perform it by creating a backup of files and data stored in the device.

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