Fingerprint Scanner not working on Samsung Galaxy Note10

Fingerprint scanner not working on Samsung Galaxy Note 10
Fingerprint scanner not working on Samsung Galaxy Note 10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is impeccable flagship of 2019, in every way. Taking from hardware to software this device is beast. Like the Galaxy S10 flagship, the Note 10 contains ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. Also many people have used the fingerprint with their wet hands and guess what, it worked flawlessly. Unfortunately, there are some cases where users are unable to use fingerprint and facing serious issues with fingerprint on Note 10.

In this post I’ve addressed the most common problem of Samsung Galaxy Note 10, that is fingerprint issue on Note 10. One more thing to be considered before trying below tricks is, update the device to the latest firmware and check if still fingerprint stopped working on Note 10.

Here’s how to update your Samsung Galaxy Note 10,

  • Settings > About phone > Software updates > Check for updates.

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Fix Fingerprint Scanner Not Working on Samsung Galaxy Note10

Trick 1: Remove and Re-Add Fingerprint

Your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is best while verifying your fingerprints, but sometimes the biometrics get corrupted and unable to unlock the Samsung Note 10 using fingerprint. Try adding the new fingerprint before going to next two solutions.

  • Open Settings, to do so, swipe up app drawer and tap on Settings app.
  • Tap Biometrics and security.
  • Select Fingerprints.
  • Authenticate with current PIN or Password.
  • Choose Add Fingerprint.
  • Follow on-screen instructions and add your fingerprint.

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Trick 2: Make sure fingers are not oily or dusty

Normally, using oily or greasy finger on Samsung Galaxy Note 10, couldn’t affect the functionality. But still you should not be using such oily or dusty finger while unlocking the phone with your fingerprint. So, it’s better to wash off the hands and try unlocking the Note 10.

Trick 3: Check the Screen Protector

Undoubtedly you have installed the best screen protector on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10, to protect screen from scratches. However, choosing the perfect screen protector for your device is tough, not all the protectors would support in-display fingerprint. Make sure to check that the screen protector is compatible with ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

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