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After the successful debut of One UI last year, Samsung has released the One UI 2 along with Android 10 update this fall. Those who have participated in the beta program are really impressed with the One UI 2 and its latest features. Samsung has maintained the look and feel just like One UI in this year’s update. However, there’s still one change to be made. There is no meaning of keeping the shortcut option like Media|Devices in the notification if we don’t need it. It’s better to discard and reduce clatter.

Keeping in mind, that this card will be not much of use for everyone, Samsung allows us to get rid of it from the notification bar. In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through the tutorial of how to remove Media|Device bar from the Notification bar in Samsung Galaxy S10/S10Plus/S10e/Note 10/Note 10Plus.disable media and devices bar in Samsung S10 and Note 10

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How to remove Media and Devices bar from Notification panel in Samsung Galaxy S10/Note 10 in Android 10/One UI 2

  • Pull down the Notification panel. Do it twice.
  • Hit the More Options (Three-Vertical dot), which is at the top-right corner.
  • Select a Quick panel layout.
  • Disable Show media and devices.

    turn off media and devices bar in S10 and Note 10
    turn off media and devices bar in S10 and Note 10

In the same tab, you can enable Show brightness on top, to adjust brightness even more quickly.

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