7 Best Selfie Remote for iPhone, Android to Buy in 2023

Best Selfie Remote for iPhone & Android

Made a plan to go for a picnic abroad? Spending some penny on the best Selfie Remote for Smartphone is a good idea. A good selfie remote for the phone does all the tasks by simply connecting with the device wirelessly. No matter whether you are on Zoom Calls, capturing a selfie from the distance, or else making a brand video on the Youtube, with this wireless remote you can receive every control. Plus, a complimentary shutter feature allows you to capture the best picture; the same as a professional photographer.  

So if you are searching for something that allows you to capture hassle-free crisp images, go through the guide on the best selfie remote. These work with every device from iOS to Android and will give the best output if you are willing to capture professional-like images.

Top 7 Rated Selfie Remote For Samsung Phone To Buy


best budget wireless remote for phone

The ZODIAC selfie remote is the top-rated selfie remote available on Amazon. It is seasoned with the best Bluetooth technology which offers Hassle-Free Pairing, Instant Pairing, and Zero Lag experience. Forget to do those ugly long arms that capture blurry images, as this remote allows to capture the wirelessly for up to 30 Feet Distance from the camera. Looking at the design it’s quite compact and lightweight; it can be placed in a small place of pocket or even in a tight Backpack. Moreover, it is crafted with a Panasonic Battery Technology, your new wireless selfie remote for Android or iOS phones allows you to capture for hundreds of hours. Try this product as the product is completely backed with a Life-Time Warranty.

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UBeesize Bluetooth Camera Remote

best remote selfie button

If you have owned a branded flagship like Samsung or Apple; you might always find some of the best accessories from the UBeesize. And now it makes its huge footprint on the list of wireless remotes for selfies. Simply by pressing the keys on the remote you can get some the jaw-opening photos even from a long distance of 30 Feets. No matter, whatever the device you pairing with it; you will just experience Hassle-Free and Instant Connection. Moreover, it is compatible with all the Social Media Applications like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, isn’t it cool! Looking at its manufacturing quality, it’s sturdy enough to intake random falls and drops, at the same point compact and lightweight to get easily fit in a small pocket.

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CamKix Camera Shutter Remote

best bluetooth selfie remote

The CamKix camera remote is the best selfie remote for iPhone and Android those are always juggling to capture best images. This Sturdy and Lightweight Bluetooth remote allows you to capture the exciting images no matter if it’s Group, Single or Dual images, it will never let you down in any situation. Unlike the other remote it offers Handy Pairing Mechanism and offers to take photos from the distance up to 30 FT. Moreover, the buttons on the remote are tactile and offer same time response without any kind of delay, Plus it is compatible with a variety of devices. Lastly, it’s always convenient to carry even in a tight pocket or a backpack and preinstalled strap prevents the random falls and drops.

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Gadgin Premium Selfie Remote

wireless remote

If you are looking for an affordable wireless selfie remote that comes with premium features, check out the Gadgin Premium Selfie Remote. It comes with a minimalist design that lets you capture the best images on your phone. It is completely improved and updated version of the normal remote, that lets you capture the images as per your convenience and style. With a weight of 8 Grams, it’s handy to carry, and moving forward to its battery life No Need for Charging, and work for up to 1 Year and 3 Times in a day. Unfortunately, if you are Snapchat Influencer, it’s not for you! It’s a customer-side product, as the company offers a One Year Hassle-Free Warranty.

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Zttopo Wireless Camera Remote

dual wireless remote

Searching for dual pair wireless camera remote control, the Zttopo needs to get attention. It comes with an easy and convenient Hand Free Shutter Control; perfect to capture a selfie. For the social media influencers; the good news, it is compatible with both Instagram and Snapchat. Impressive design just like a small keychain that can be easily placed in the pocket. Unlike all other wireless cameras remote, it allows for intaking beautiful images even with distances for up to 30 Feet. Plus the preinstalled strap in it offers comfortable carrying and at the same point prevent it from the random falls and drops. I am damn sure, this remote control will never let you down in any situation.

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JACKLYED Wireless Camera Shutter Remote


When buying the Selfie remote for smartphones, build quality is one of the essential aspects. After all, you want to capture the photos from a distance, and that’s without lagging and freezing. 

With Jacklyed Wireless Camera Shutter, you receive a better-built quality and a better way to ignore those long-arm blurry selfies. Enable the Remote, connect to the device using Bluetooth, and enjoy the super long Selfie for up to 30FT. 

Besides this, it is easy to carry as it firmly hangs on the Tucked or chain, plus DIY wirst strap offers convenience to carry and use. 

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MerceHygea Wireless Camera Remote


Not all selfie remotes for Android and iPhone are made equally, and that’s what we have a look at on the MerceHygea Wireless Camera remote. 

It usually offers a more convenient way to capture Selfie for up to 30FT and is suitable for a stable tripod and self-shooting. The buttons are quick and responsive – click on the button and capture memorable photos. 

Check Price Of MerceHygea Wireless Camera Remote On Amazon

Can You Remotely Take A Picture With iPhone?

Selfie remotes available in the market are highly efficient in capturing better selfies for up to 30FT distances. In case you want to have one, read the article as we have mentioned the best selfie remote for iOS and Android to buy right now. 

How Do I Connect My Selfie Stick Remote To My Android?

Enable Bluetooth on both the peripheral and connect it, and your work is done.

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