Apex Legends Gameplay Tips and Tricks: Become Pro Player


Gamers are looking for the Tips and Tricks of Apex Legends to become best at this battle game too. So here we are, today we are sharing some of the potential tricks of Apex Legends to win the battle. No doubt, the Apex Legends is different and unique than other shooting games.

Without wasting time, let’s move and learn how to win the Apex Legends. In this article, we have mentioned some tricks to win Apex Legends along with some essential points that will too helpful to become a master of Apex Legends.


Apex Legends Gameplay Tips:

1. Stick Together

If you are playing battle games like Apex Legends then don’t play one-man army, stick with your army and attack others. It is the only way to win the Apex Legends.

2. Use the Tagging System

Tagging System is the best to an alternate way of verbal communication. Using Tagging System you can communicate with your friends in non-verbally. Calling out your team for armor pickup, marking drop locations, or tagging nearby targets is possible with Tagging System.

3. Use Pathfinder to Locate The Next Circle

The Pathfinder is the character of Apex Legends which helps you the most to locate the next circle by interlinking with the comm tower.

4. Slide

One of the best trick to win Apex Legends is sliding a lot while playing the game. Using crouch you can slide down the hills limitlessly and thereby the chances of winning the game increases.

5. Utilize Revive Ability

If your friend gets hit by the enemy then you can revive him/her at respawn station. They will join you once you revive with no weapon. As we know the strong the team is the chances of winning the battle of Apex Legends raises.

6. Grab Everything & Share Everything

To survive the Apex Legends, you need to be quick regarding grabbing every single thing around you. And apparently, if you don’t need any gear then kindly share with your team to make them strong too, to win.

7. Land Faster

Instead of just looking for better place to land, be quick while selecting a location for drop-down, because it will really helpful for you to collect armor and other necessary ammo.

8. Save The Peacekeeper For The Last Round

The Peacekeeper is a deadly shotgun for the last circle, you should not waste ammo of Peacekeeper in the very beginning of the battle.

What Are The Best Apex Legends Player to Use?

Choosing the best Apex Legends Player matters if you are serious about gaming. There are a total of eight Legends are available in this game and two more characters are available which are unlockable, Caustic and Mirage. Each player has different abilities which makes them best from others.

Bloodhound: It is best for tracking opponents and ambushing them.

Gibraltar: Made to protect your team from dangerous events.

Wraith: Wraith is designed to open the rifts for their teammates.

Bangalore: If you are looking for a classic soldier in Apex Legends then Bangalore is worth considering

Mirage: This player is an expert in creating confusion for other players with its cloaking capabilities and hologram maneuvers.

Pathfinder: This character exactly works as his name, and also it helps the team to face the worst situation in the game.

Lifeline: Lifeline is a healer and without a healer, the team can lose any second, so each team must have one Lifeline.

Caustic: The Caustic kills the enemy by setting a trap and killing them with poisonous gas.

That’s It! If you find this article of Tricks and Tips to win Apex Legends helpful then share with your friends and still have any doubt then ask us in the comment section. We will be happy to help you.

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