How to add Screenshot button to Notification Bar in Samsung

Add screenshot in Notification ar on samsung s10
Add screenshot in Notification ar on samsung s10

Capturing screenshots generally and a long way to make the procedure more conducive so you don’t have to use the powers and volume buttons every bit? Samsung has an advanced feature that allows you to modify the multiple features of the UI on your S10, S10Plus, Note 10, and Note 10plus. The Navstar is a plugin that allows you to modify the navigation buttons. The Navstar cast the extra button beside the home, multitasking, and back buttons.

Undoubtedly it also adds a shortcut key for screenshot which is next to the navigation key. So, users of Note 10, Note 10plus can capture a screenshot with a single touch. Mainly many users are aware of this feature, but those who don’t know how to run it then follow the given below steps.

How to use Good Lock to add a screenshot button to the Notification Bar in Samsung S10, Note 10, S20

Firstly, you need to install Good Lock from Galaxy Store. One thing to be noted is Good Lock is not available in all countries. There is a procedure to install the Good Lock along with the Navstar plugin. If you don’t know how to install Good Lock if it is not available in your country then follow the given below steps.

How to Enable Good Lock on Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Note 10Plus, S10, S10Plus, S20

  • Download the LockstarTask Changer, and Quickstart and Routines app.
  • Download the Activity Manager from the Google play store.
  • The Activity Manager will highlight the hidden activities.
  • Forge shortcuts of those hidden activities.
  • Launch the app and wait until it loads all the activities.
  • After that, search and hit Task Changer.
  • Touch three-dots located near to “Task Changer Settings”.
  • Doing so will generate a shortcut for Task changer settings on the main screen.
  • Recite the step mentioned above for the different apps.

Once you have performed it, follow the given below steps.

  • Access Good Lock on your device.
  • Hit Navstar.
  • If you installed Good Lock manually as mentioned above, touch the Navstar shortcut present on the Main screen.
  • Tap the toggle to turn it ON
  • Touch New Configuration Button.
  • Select Button Layout which is present at the bottom.
  • Hit Add Button.
  • You will be highlighted all the actions associated with the particular feature.
  • From that list tap Screen Capture.
  • The screenshot button will appear on the navigation bar.

You can change its position if you want or let it be to the default position.

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