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Why my Left/Right Earbuds Not Charging | Galaxy Earbuds Stopped Charging

Left/Right Earbuds not charging? Why did my Galaxy Earbuds stop charging? Is that the problem with the newest Galaxy Buds? Recently, people are reported multiple problems with Galaxy Buds, and Galaxy Buds not charging is one of them. See, there are chances that you are misplacing the Buds in the case, and so Earbuds are not charging properly.

Here in this article, we have mentioned some of the best tips that will show you how to charge Galaxy Buds and it will definitely get rid of Left Earbud not charging issue or Right Earbud not charging too.

Why My Left/Right Earbuds Not Charging

Tip 1: Make Sure Charger is Connected

First off, verify that you haven’t misplaced the Galaxy Buds in the charging case. When two pins won’t match the position of Buds, it is not possible for Buds to get adequate power supply. Read on the stepwise guide and learn how to charge Galaxy Buds.

  • Open the lid of charging case.
  • Examine the correct position of Buds and Pins and insert them into the Charging case.
  • Close the case after placing Galaxy Buds.
  • Bring the original charging cable and connect it to the charging case and another end to the adapter.
  • Connect the Power Adapter into the socket.
  • Once the Buds are charged completely, remove the cable from Charging case and then from a socket.

    Galaxy Earbuds not charging

Tip 2: Use Wireless Charger

If Right Earbud not charging then, use a wireless charger. Don’t have a wireless charger, look at these Best Wireless Charger for Samsung S10, S10 Plus, S10e. Now, put the earbuds into the charging case properly as shown above and close the lid. Connect the wireless charger to the AC adapter and place the Charging case in the middle.

Tip 3: Charge using Samsung Phone

The latest Samsung S10 Flagship has a new feature called PowerShare, which allows you to charge Galaxy Buds using S10. With this way, the battery of the device will transfer to your Galaxy Buds, so that temporarily you can use them. However, it is a good method to fix Left/Right Earbuds not charging.

  • From the Notification Panel, turn on PowerShare.
  • Now, as we said earlier please place the Earbuds into the charging case correctly and close the lid.
  • On the backside of PowerShare enabled device, put the charging case on it.

You may need to adjust the location of the charging case, because the location of the coil may vary according to the device.

Tip 4: Clean the Charging Case

Do you see two pins inside the charging case? That is the two major points from where Earbuds get power supply and get charged. So if they are covered by dust or any object then it is possible that left or right Galaxy Bud will stop charging. Take a soft cloth and clean the pins on both sides.

Tip 5: Ask Samsung to Replace Earbuds

Your last hope is to visit the Samsung Store and let the technician examine the Buds and find out what the real issue is. If you are lucky and the Buds satisfying the T&C’s of Samsung, then they will replace with a new set.

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