calendar app not working on Samsung s10

Calendar App Not Syncing on Samsung S10 after update

A calendar is our ultimate option to set up the important reminders and schedule which we don’t want to miss in any conditions. What if suddenly Calendar App not working…

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sd card not detecting error

Fix SD Card Not Detected error in Samsung S10 and S10 Plus

Eventually, if you have Samsung S10 or S10 Plus then there is no need to insert SD card. However, if you have one and facing issues with Storage on Samsung…

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How to Fix Stuck Voicemail notification on Samsung Galaxy S10

Recently users have reported that voicemail notification is stuck on Samsung S10. Usually, the voicemail notification should clear away from Notification Panel but that isn’t happening at all. Instead it…

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block incoming calls on Samsung S10

How to Block Incoming Calls on Samsung S10 and S10 Plus

Blocking incoming calls on Samsung S10 is sometimes necessary to avoid frustrating people. And it is the only way to get rid of their unnecessary calls and messages. This tutorial…

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What to do if you Samsung S10 is not recognized by your computer?

The new latest flagship from Samsung s10 is a very powerful phone as it packs Snapdragon 855 and up to 12GB RAM(depending on the model). It handles daily tasks and…

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unresponsive touch screen Samsung S10

How can I fix Unresponsive touch screen on Samsung Galaxy S10

Recently Samsung Company has launched Samsung Galaxy S10 which is quite good in look, hardware, and software. But lately, the question is arise by the users that it has an…

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The apps edge displays the five most frequently used apps. Similarly, tasks on the edge display speed thing up for you. You can add shortcuts or function to enjoy your…

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Reset Forgotten Password on Samsung Galaxy S10

Fingerprint Scanner not Working on Samsung S10

The Samsung S10 has an inbuilt fingerprint scanner, which is a bit classy. However, on the other side, it is very difficult to identify what the real issue is when…

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no service in samsung S10

Samsung S10 Showing No Service- Emergency Calls only

No service in Samsung S10 is the most commonly reported issue by many users. Since there are several reasons why Samsung S10 showing no service, we skip that part of…

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mobile data not working in Samsung S10

Mobile Data not Working in Samsung Galaxy S10

  If the users are recognizing problems with their phone internet then the users have come to the right spot! Phone Data is usable directly through their network connection, normally…

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